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Sales Representative

Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Honours and Distinction at Forbes #1 ranked, Schulich School of Business, Christian has already set himself apart from the incoming generation of GTA Realtors. Christian's time at Schulich enabled him to grasp the true depth of market movers and dynamics - including the economic, political, and sociographic variables at play. His digital marketing experience at the University of Bocconi in Italy, combined with his impressive financial proficiency, Christian maintains the appropriate technical skills to consistently exceed his client's expectations. Christian has built the foundation of his business on people, possibility and performance. People come first in this industry. Christian believes his emotional intelligence and exceptional communication skills is the recipe for greatness, and the reason why he has been able to foster a network of genuine trustworthy relationships throughout his lifetime. Possibility is truly helping clientele recognize what active steps can be taken to increase quality of life and wealth.

From small commercial leases to selling residential estates, Christian understands the value of delivering exceptional service offerings throughout every step of the process. As your Realtor, Christian understands the complexity and personal element tied into every deal. As your realtor, Christian's patience, commitment, and ability to connect deeply with people will provide you with the confidence & reassurance you want as a buyer or seller. As your realtor, Christian will leverage his qualified experience to deploy modern marketing initiatives, create strong negotiating positions, and protect your best interests while having the charisma to make every deal a memorable one.

Aside from Real Estate, Christian has consistently given back to the community. He led a charity fashion show at his university, raising over $30,000, volunteered his time to run food drives, and is continuously dedicated to inspiring every single LGBTQ+ person to love and be proud of who they are.