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Darryl Murphy, also known as "The Family REALTOR®," has embarked on a fascinating journey that blends a passion for philosophy with a desire to make a difference in the lives of his community through real estate. His remarkable story begins in Guelph, Ontario, where he laid the foundation for a unique career. Darryl's academic journey commenced as he worked his way through graduate school, serving as a database analyst at the University of Guelph. His undergraduate studies were rooted in philosophy, a discipline that would go on to influence his perspective on life and ethics significantly. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Darryl pursued a Master's degree in planning and development, diversifying his skill set while maintaining his connection to the philosophical realm. Afterward, he returned to philosophy, completing both a Master's and a Doctorate in the subject. This scholarly dedication led him to a limited-term professorship, where he taught ancient philosophy at Brock University upon achieving his doctorate in 2008. Darryl's teaching journey extended beyond Brock University, encompassing various subjects such as philosophy, business ethics, and communications at institutions like Wilfrid Laurier, Sheridan College, Niagara College, University of Guelph, and McMaster. Yet, despite his extensive teaching experience, he struggled to secure a permanent teaching position, eventually leading him to explore a different path.


After a decade of diverse academic experiences, Darryl realized his yearning to contribute more directly to his community and help individuals enhance their quality of life. It was this desire that prompted him to make a transition into the world of real estate. As a real estate professional, Darryl found himself actively involved in the process of assisting people in improving their living situations, aligning with his commitment to bettering the lives of those around him. Darryl's passion for social justice and peace has been a lifelong commitment. He has been an ardent follower of the music and acts of Paul Hewson, famously known as Bono. Darryl's advocacy for social justice and his love for music have continuously influenced his perspectives and actions, guiding him in his journey. Darryl's academic background in philosophy is an intrinsic part of his identity. He proudly recognizes the distinction between modus ponens and modus tollens, showcasing his deep philosophical understanding. His guiding quote, "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law," exemplifies his commitment to ethical decision-making. Beyond philosophy and real estate, Darryl boasts a diverse array of interests and hobbies. His ringtone, "The Fly" by U2, reflects his enduring admiration for the band. He dreams of a rural, bright, and cozy home with a fully serviced outbuilding for his brewery, a testament to his passion for brewing his own beer. Darryl has also dabbled in fiction writing, having published several novels, all while maintaining an extensive collection of books.


Darryl's love for Indian cuisine and evenings spent at local pubs with his beautiful wife and daughters are integral to his enjoyment of life. The cherished memory of a week spent touring Rome with his family represents one of the most significant moments in his life, underscoring his devotion to family and the value of shared experiences. As Darryl Murphy, "The Family REALTOR®," continues his journey, he remains guided by his core values of family, friendship, and community. The future holds the promise of new adventures, with Paris on the horizon as the next destination for the Murphy family to explore together, forging bonds and making memories to last a lifetime.