About Diljot Jawanda

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Meet Diljot

Sales Representative

Diljot is an all-rounder connoisseur.

With an affinity for business, design, and pop culture, Diljot has built quite the portfolio. Starting with, Diljot is heavily involved in the music industry as a film producer and photographer. At the Toronto production-house, Diljot coordinates and works on film projects with mainstream musical artists. Through this work, he has developed an eye for design which he translates into Real Estate.

Over the years, Diljot has similarly built an influential business and tech foundation by working with corporate clients and directors at a Cargo-Transportation Enterprise and continually learning about the latest software applications. He understands the digital landscape like second nature. Diljot has likewise been active in the Real Estate space, previously working at a Private Real Estate Investment Firm, where Diljot directly supervised rentals, future-development land deals, and rehabbed reno-properties. Diljot is currently in the last year of his Business Commerce degree at York University, intending to pursue his MBA specializing in Real Estate Investment.

From high-end luxury estate homes to undeveloped commercial land, we take care of everything. Diljot has built a multifaceted toolkit to do it the right way.