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Meet Edward

Sales Representative

Edward shares with his clients over 12 years of experience as a realtor in the greater Toronto area.  Before his real estate career began, Edward spent more than a decade in residential construction and project management, honing the skillset that has become invaluable to his clients in the competitive and fast-paced GTA market. He possesses a unique background with  well-rounded expertise that has allowed him to work in a number of roles, including 7 years in preconstruction condominium sales and management representing some of Toronto’s top developers. Edward’s knowledge about construction is literally from the foundation up and includes construction and development, building, planning, and design.

This deep, practical experience makes Edward an especially valuable partner to his clients. Edward’s construction background is an asset in real estate transactions as he can help a client quickly assess the condition of a property and map out potential improvements and development opportunities.  He understands that in Toronto’s fiercely competitive real estate market, value is constantly shifting, and is able to help clients find that value regardless of the neighborhood they are targeting.

Sharing this extensive knowledge and expertise is important to Edward.  He sees his role as both educator and advocate. Edward’s approach when working with his clients is to educate them in an expedited manner, putting them in a position to quickly and confidently make the kind of offers required to be successful. He is a highly skilled and experienced negotiator, with over a thousand successful transactions completed to date.

Whether you’re looking for a condo downtown or the perfect freehold property in or outside of the city, Edward has the expertise that will help you achieve your goals.