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Sales Representative

As a realtor, people invite me into their homes and give me a glimpse of their lives. Over the years I’ve recognized elements of my old situation in many of my clients.

We’ve all met limiting circumstances in our lives. For me, it was a job that I had outgrown, and the mindset that I didn’t deserve anything better. For my clients, it could be a home
that is too small to start a family. It could be a life that is stagnating by staying in place. It could be the bad habits that we use to cope with our situation.

That’s why helping people find their new home is so inspiring to me. It’s not just about a house. It’s about a brand new life, with room to grow. Your life is bigger than the four walls you spend your day in. It’s room to start a family. It’s a space to sip your coffee and read on the weekends. It’s a home where you can be proud to bring your friends over. Seeing people achieve their potential is the most satisfying part of my job.