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Meet Marc

Sales Representative

Various parts of the housing market have always appealed to Marc de Bellefeuille — planning, architecture, design. Thing is, he could never settle on just one. But then Marc interned for a developer, where he got a look at the nuts and bolts of the industry, from buying a site to blueprint to build out. And ultimately, Marc decided a career in real estate was for him. Not only because he would get to take a direct approach to work with people in a field he finds eminently and inherently interesting, but it was a job he could also channel his passion into.

As far as Marc is concerned, this aforementioned internship was the deciding factor. On his first day, he was assigned to read the whole official plan for Toronto and the Ontario planning guidelines. His mentors agreed if he could endure through those, he would make it. And have no doubt, Marc survived — and thrived!

Now, as a realtor, Marc de Bellefeuille’s goal is to inform and enrich his clients, regardless of how big or small the transaction. What’s more, to ensure it’s part of their overall real estate investment portfolio, rather than a ‘one and done deal.