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Since the age of 4, I have been dancing ballet. At age 7, I was in competitions by 12, I was away at ballet schools all over the country. I have learned many valuable lessons from these experiences, and I am convinced that my compulsive organization skills and my work-a-holic behaviors are a product of that training.

When I retired from the ballet world, I moved to Toronto to study Math and Accounting at the University of Toronto. Despite my artistic past, I was strong in the financial fields. I was then recruited by a boutique brokerage focused on condominium investing. The owners understood that my discipline from ballet would be a key tool in my real estate career. I was quick in learning the delicacies of investing in the real estate market and took great pride in my success there.

Due to client demands, I have transitioned into residential home sales and commercial properties. I am happy to say, that I have facilitated the sale of millions of dollars in property with grateful clients all over Toronto.