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Sales Representative / Director of Sales, Muskoka Bay Resort

Marty spent his summers at the family cottage and has seen first hand how the Muskoka region has grown and thrived into the beautiful area it is today.He has a passion for helping his clients attain the same multi-generational family vacation home experience. Whether you’re new to the Muskoka area or a life long summer Muskoka resident looking for a change, Marty is here to make your dream a reality.

These past few years have shown us that our work environment is evolving. Marty can help you transition from a weekend vacation warrior to a full time Muskoka resident who can live and work surrounded by the peace and tranquility the Muskoka region brings.Marty has a down to earth demeanor and brings with him a varied background of life and work experiences that serve him well in understanding what his clients wants and needs are.