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If Oral Karol were to pinpoint the very moment it became clear his talents in the realm of selling luxury retail could translate to trading property in Toronto’s red-hot housing market, it would be January 2008. 

Oral was working with Hermès, the French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer. The international economic climate was uncertain at the time. He’d met a client that ultimately became one of the best the boutique had. The highlight of this relationship? That client’s purchase of North America’s first crocodile Birkin, replete with 18-carat white gold and full cut diamond-encrusted hardware.

Those aware of this prized purse will know it was equivalent in price to many condos of the era. And once Oral’s close friend — a self-made real estate pioneer himself — heard about this, he encouraged Oral to consider a change of careers.

"If you can sell a $180,000 handbag, then you can sell a $300,000 home."

Now a multi-award-winning real estate professional with over $150 million in closings, Oral observes a direct avenue between the expertise he acquired in the high-end goods sector with the abilities he’s routinely refining as a sought-after sales representative and broker.

According to Oral, the fundamentals are quite similar. In fact, he credits one of the keys to his continuing success in real estate to the work ethic he cultivated in retail.

The other most obvious transferable skills? They relate to building clientele, of course. Oral recognizes that people like to work with those they feel comfortable with; who show them that their business is valuable and appreciated. 

Whether you’re selling handbags or houses, Oral believes longevity in sales is a reflection of the relationships you nurture and maintain, paired with the superior value of the service you provide.

Oral has made a career of embodying these qualities. As a true product of the vibrant and ever-growing metropolis that is Toronto, he offers his clients exceptional insight into the countless communities that make the city such a treasure. He is often lauded for his patience, tireless research and canny counsel. 

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