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Sales Representative
Shawna is a dedicated real estate agent with over a decade of experience in customer service and sales. Honing her skills in residential resale for the past 6 years, she prioritizes building everlasting relationships and excels in negotiation. She also demonstrates a wealth of knowledge within waterfront communities, with extensive experience residing by the water. From Georgina to Barrie, with a cottage just outside of Muskoka, her diverse market knowledge caters to all, from assisting first-time home buyers to luxury seekers. Her insights not only contribute to successful transactions but also enable her clients to make well-informed decisions about their investments. 
Shawna is recognized for her integrity, honesty, and resourcefulness in every client transaction. Her focus on fostering relationships ensures that clients feel supported every step of the way, consistently delivering exceptional service and a positive experience. What has led to her success is her passion for creating connections and facilitating stress-free transactions, reflecting a genuine dedication to the well-being and satisfaction of her clients. 
In her daily life, Shawna embraces the power of nurturing a positive mindset, embracing a healthy & active lifestyle, and immersing herself in an uplifting atmosphere, forming the very foundation of a fulfilling life. She pours passion into her work as she strives to transform dreams into vibrant realities for the families she serves.