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Meet Theresa

Sales Representative

Theresa Laroza recalls her first experiences with buying and selling property as complicated at best. As a homeowner, she sold her house in Montreal despite being in Toronto, then later bought one in Toronto while physically back in Montreal. Needless to say, now that she’s a real estate professional herself, Theresa is not only fluent in skillfully and paperlessly negotiating these types of significant transactions from anywhere, but with clients who are anywhere, too!

Prior to entering the industry, she spent 18 years in the not-for-profit sector. Pursuing that dedicated line of employment because she enjoys working with families, Theresa assisted children affected by autism spectrum disorders and in palliative care centers, as well as helped manage home health care organizations. It’s a background Theresa credits with first raising her awareness of just how important the home is for a family, be it in receiving special services for youngsters or offering care for aging seniors.

What’s more, by knowing how hard people labor to provide their loved ones a property that will fit their needs for the future, to say Theresa Laroza feels honored to serve just as tirelessly in helping them secure it would be an understatement.