The Plant


Toronto, ON​​​​​​​

​​​​​​Terrace-to-table living. Sustainable building. Vertical living with local chefs.

Where you live, how you live, reflects who you are.

So the philosophy behind living at The Plant, isn’t just about growing plants. It’s about growing people too. Having a home here means embracing a homegrown philosophy. We’re taking best practices from around the world and working locally to plant the seed here in Queen West.

We started with an internationally recognized farm-to-table chef mentoring some of our favourite local Chefs to inspire and encourage the movement here. After a chef-y launch dinner prepared by our Mentor Chef Greg Baxtrom a select group of homegrown Chefs will reveal their interpretation of cooking, growing or simply living locally.

Then there’s your home. We designed 77 livable well-thought-out suites & complimentary amenity space to encourage Terrace-to-Table living. Wider units to maximize nurturing light, more spacious layouts with a family in mind, 2 & 3 Storey Towns – some with inventive “pop-up” terraces. Suite details like large eat-in kitchens, options for pantry storage and available custom metal design details.

​​​​​​​After the plants, the food, the suites, there’s the building and architecture itself. It has to be embracing the pursuit of building better. Enter geo-thermal heating, LED lighting, low-VOC materials and a long list of other technical envelope details that are often ignored because they’re unseen.

Because everything about your world can be delicious.


Curated Properties and Windmill Development Group Ltd.​​​


41 Dovercourt Road, Toronto




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